Calling You Up

I tried calling you up when you weren’t I called you when you weren’t home. I knew you weren’t home, but I just wanted to catch you as soon as you came in, hurried and wondering who was calling. But today you were late. It’s been thirty minutes and nobody’s answered the phone.Somehow, something has delayed you. It might be that you didn’t take your usual route home. It wasn’t even Saturday, so you wouldn’t be taking the longer but less-crowded route. But you were late today. Late today. This was surprising since weren’t usually late.

Could it be that your phone is out of order? If so, you should get the phone fixed. Pay the phonewallah extra for tea and biscuits so that if it ever happens again, he’ll fix it immediately. But he could disconnect the phone line on purpose, and expect to be called, hence paid again. I don’t know. It’s a risk, but you should get the phone fixed. That is more important. If the phone is not working then you should get it fixed.

Did you know I can dial your number without looking at the keypad?

Could you be working overtime? I know you work overtime twice a week. But today is Friday. It’s neither Monday nor Tuesday. So you wouldn’t be putting the extra hours today. Unless something has come up. Perhaps you might have gone out some where. But that too is highly unlikely. You prefer to come home and freshen up and look your best before going out. Usually you go to Café Alders for coffee before going out for dinner or to a pub. I know you love the coffee there. Perhaps might have stopped there on the way back from work. Perhaps…

(Suddenly the phone stopped ringing and a hurried and almost panting voice spoke:) “Hello?”

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