Blogger Beta Problem

I have a problem with Blogger Beta – the integration with Google accounts sucks.

Mixed Bag (this blog) has not yet switched over to Blogger Beta; in fact, if I have to redo the entire design, I’m not too keen. Ankit looks like he had to do away with his excellent design, and settle for an all black look.

Every time I go to while I’m signed into my gmail account, I’m signed into Blogger with my gmail ID. When I choose to sign into Blogger, for posting on Mixed Bag, I get signed out of Gmail. I can’t believe Google didn’t foresee this problem, or aren’t aware of it.

Many people post on multiple blogs, including collablogs, so this very irritating.

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  1. well google, throughout thier product range, have a lot of bugs and everyone knows that.

    just last night i added someone to gtalk, was chatting with her but she wasn’t visible on the online list. it was only after i added her email to my gmail’s contacts did she appear on gtalk. and thats a very basic bug.

    orkut’s server outages and malfunctions are quite well-known.

    ~ harneet

  2. Don’t upgrade if you’re too attached to your template. Blogger Beta, as of right now, does not allow you to edit the template HTML. You can just set some styles and/or use the drag ‘n’ drop editor.

    Expect this to be fixed soon though. But for now, don’t upgrade.

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