Blocked again…

My access to blogspot blocks is blocked. Since I’m able to access blogs via proxy-sites, it seems that the blog block has been reinstated. I’m on MTNL Delhi. A few mails have already been posted on Bloggers Collective. In case your access is blocked, go to the Bloggers Collective Wiki for assistance.

Some pakistani bloggers had warned us not to be too gung ho, since this decision to allow access could be reversed any time, without provocation or reason. Most of us, I guess, were as cynical of this, as we had been when we had first heard the news of acess to blogs in Pakistan being blocked.

Yesterday, a news channel carried news of a blog that encourages suicide. I’m told that someone in the report said that these type of blogs ought to be banned. Hope the gourment hasn’t taken up that offer. My views on all forms of censorship are here.

I’ve already shot off a mail to an MTNL engineer (we exchanged mails during the last block), and lets see what he has to say, if anything at all. Expect updates.

Update: The gentleman from MTNL sounded worried about this issue. He’s assured me that he’ll look into the matter, and emphasised that the problem could either be from Reliance. He asked for tracerts. I’ve sent them across. According to codey, this looks like a VSNL problem.

Update 2:
Shyam confirms that this is a VSNL problem, which gets its connection via Reliance. Airtel gets its connection via Singtel, and seems to be working fine.

Update 3: Able to access blogs now. That was quick.

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