At Home with Zero (Sept 16 2006)

“Sharp! Sharp! Sharp!” was what Isheeta’s reminder for the “At Home with Zero” gig at the Garden of 5 senses said. So Adi and I rushed, and the gig started late. Now Zero’s a band that’s famous for not just their music. There’s also Warren’s guitaring that was perhaps amongst the few things noteworthy, apart from the Freak Kitchen performance at GIR earlier this year. The other thing is that they really have a lot of fun on stage, something that also spills over to the other band drummer Sid is in – Helga’s Fun Castle.

While walking to the gig, we overheard one chap suggest that the gig could be washed out. The other patted his pocket and said “Toh kya hua? Idhar seh bhi pi lenge, aur udhar se bhi.” (We’ll drink from here (booze flask in pocket), and there (sky))

The At-Home series has historically attracted a sane crowd, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. People tend to sit their asses down on the grass, and allow the band to play. A polite round of clapping follows after every song. Not. The. Kind. Of. Thing. Zero. Were. Expecting. From. Delhi.

Hence, repeated requests asking for people to get up, stand up, and come closer to the stage followed. Most were fun, and they cracked a lot of jokes. Quite a bit of mimicry, and strange accents. If you’ve heard “Thank You Come Again” by Helga’s Fun Castle, you know what I mean. Great fun, almost as much fun as the music.

The gig was fun. No Warren, I suppose he’s left the band. The new guy was good at times, slightly off tune on other occasions. Zero ended strongly, but three songs before that had all been botched up and were off tune. One was new. My grouse – they’re only carrying copies of Procrastrination, which I already have. No Hook.

Some photos, courtesy Adi:

Adi clicked more photos. The slideshow- here.

Another band that I’ve wanted to hear, TAAQ, (songs from their album Plan B available here) played at IIT Delhi Blitzkrieg. Couldn’t go because it’s for students only. It seems that the Stephens gig has been cancelled, but I wouldn’t have been able to go there anyway, even if it is next door. Would probably have sat in my garden, sipped tea and heard TAAQ.

Really hate this – I’m willing to pay for the gig, and they keep it free and students-only.

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