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AZS has three tickets for the match today – Rs.5000 tickets that he bought for Rs.500 bucks. We’re probably going tomorrow. MSA gets a complimentary ticket everytime there’s a match in Delhi, and goes everytime too. He doesn’t have a ticket for tomorrow, and will probably go to work. It was almost lunch when they called me, so I declined. MSA, incidentally, told me that you could hear Dravid’s forward defensive shot in the stands. He claims that he goes for the cricket and the crowd. Day three, for me. That’s when the cricket will be at its best. I hope so.

Most of the events in Delhi are overpriced. The Sting concert (my review here. Some Sideshow Bubba’s there too) was terrible. Tickets were Rs.500, 1500 and 2500. I had Rs. 1500 complimentary tickets, and was half a football field away from the stage. On the other hand, and this two of my friends had bought Rs. 2500 tickets from just Rs.500 each and were right in front. They thought the show was good, but “Shaggy was something else.”

So, the tip:

Wait outside for twenty minutes and ask around for tickets. Most shows really aren’t worth more than a thou, and the staff at the venue gets some tickets for free, that they usually sell. Bargain and get them much much cheaper.

Mum’s suggesting that I skip it. She says that watching the match on TV’s a lot more fun, and you can hardly see anything. And she would know too – she owned a bookshop called ‘Pustika’ in Mumbai, at the then popular The Oberoi’s. Chowpatti, I think. The West Indies team used to stay at the Oberoi’s, and some of them would come to Pustika, squat on the carpet and read Archie Comics. They’d thank mum and give her a couple of passes for the match. She went for quite a few matches.

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