All work and no play

I’ve been off blogging, mailing and going for events for the last fortnight (apart from a few ‘blips’: the META Fest and one evening at the not so Great Indian Rock where I met Shekhar, HDHD and a few of HDHD’s forgetful friends).

After a full quarter of not doing much work and just flitting from one event to another, I got the opportunity to organise one. It’s been a very useful, and at times, difficult lesson. I’ve created a logo, company profile, media package, invitation card, invitation emailer, oversaw the pre-process and printing, compiled a mailing list, handled dispatch, transportation and setup of artwork, and been involved in just about everything else that needed to be done. There was tons to do, and all of which I had never done before.

My biggest gain has been that I’ve proven to myself that I can extend the obsessive-compulsive drive for perfection that existed in college, to work. There were moments when the team that I was working with didn’t work as hard or with as much attention to detail – which is where I came in to support them. One of them, tired of the occasionally not-so-polite boss, asked me why I was working so hard. The answer was quite simple: I want the end product to be the best that I can make it… not for them: for me. Everything that I do has to seem to be mine…has to have a distinct branding that people recognise and say – this is Nikhil’s work. Brand Nikhil? That happened in college (five months and teachers are still referring to me), but it’s a much bigger world outside of college. Let’s see how things go. It was a little disconcerting, that in-spite of well defined responsibilities and targets, the one who worked hardest got more and more work given to him. It’s something that I will have to guard against in the future.

Yesterday was an immensely satisfying day- worked from 9:30am to 12:30am, on my feet most of the time and running around with hardly a moments rest. Drove barefooted for the first time because of swollen feet. Got excellent sleep. And a lot of people remembered that it was my birthday – even long lost friends from school.

All work and no play make Nikhil satisfied, it seems.

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