All hail the Jabberwock!

Jabberwock, rather Mr. Jai Arjun Singh, has won the Indibloggie for the Best Humanities Blog (heh). After a bloggers meet at DV8, I had sat down to write a review that I never did complete. It was a review written in jest, but who knows, this could be prophetic. O-)

You may skip to ‘What didn’t happen’ for the relevant portion –


What did happen at the Delhi Floggers Meet

Floggers from Delhi converged on Sunday at DV8, for the fourth annual Delhi Floggers Meet this year. I arrived first at DV8, sat by the bar and waited for a familiar face. A query of ‘Floggers Meet?’ yielded a confused look from one of the attendants, so I let it rest on a chair and decided to not question him any further. He might have taken offence, because over the next 10 minutes, I was asked whether I want anything to drink, given a drink of water when I didn’t ask for it, and queried – twice – about how many people I was expecting. I’m not expecting, I told him, but he didn’t get it.

In front of me were a couple of tables set for, well, 15, so I assumed that this was right day and venue for the Floggers meet.The flogger I had met before, Jai, called and told me that he was having trouble parking his car, given the paucity of parking near the venue.

TTG, Swar and Vulturo walked in, sat down around the table-for-fifteen. I heard the word ‘flogger’ mentioned, and went and introduced myself. Much to my surprise, TTG had seen my flog. I got a call from Jai, and helped him find a parking spot, near Wimpy’s.

What didn’t happen at the Delhi Floggers Meet

The parking attendant looked at Jai, trying to place him. His eyes lit up and jaw dropped when he recognised the Elite Flogger. ‘You’re not the Jabberwock are you?’ he asked.

Jai’s eyes narrowed, and he turned away. Not another fan. I’ll have to find a new city, or country soon -somewhere, anywhere I can park my car without being recognised.

I noticed an ice cream vendor drop a Feast as he quickly turned to click a photograph. Paparazzi in disguise. Thankfully, there was no tunnel nearby, to crash into; there was, however, a subway and we walked in, ignoring the crowd that was building up behind us. Another paparzzi, the doorman at Wimpy’s, was taking photographs of Jai’s car keys as the parking attendant gleefully posed with them. He planned to not wash his hands ever again, and maybe even steal a touch of Jai’s fingers when he handed the keys back…


That’s all I wrote. Jai might soon have keep an extra change of clothes in his car, lest he be attacked by screaming fans, and left with only an underwear on. I wonder what’s going to happen at Jaipore. *grin*

Congrats, Jai.

(P.s.: ‘Flogger’ because Bloggers tend to flog issues to death. *-)


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  1. I love the Jabberwock as well. Thanks for taking time out to comment on my blog. My exam tommorow (ironically on Work and Gender) leaves me time to do a very brief response. But I will blog more about this later.

    Thanks for dropping by though

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