Hi, I’m Nikhil. I’ve been blogging since Feb 2003, and been a professional blogger/journalist since 2006. I founded MediaNama in 2008 and the #NAMA Conference in 2012. I was also involved with the first TEDxDelhi event in Delhi. I used to work with paidcontent.org, and in 2004, ran a little-known-now-defunct creative online magazine called Motifmag.

I like to travel, used to write fiction, used to carve stones (and want to start again), and am experimenting with photography. I sometimes write about movies.

Some people think I might do something significant some day.

Twitter: @nixxin
LinkedIn: Nikhil Pahwa
personal email: nikhil /DOT/ pahwa /at/ gmail /DOT/ com
work email: nikhil /AT/ medianama /DOT/ com

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