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I’m based in Delhi, India. I recently graduated with honours from the Bachelors of Science in Business program at WIU, New Delhi, with a Major in Marketing, and an additional Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English from University of Delhi – which, I guess makes me eligible for a career both in Marketing and Writing. I’d hate to choose, so I guess I’m looking for something that is a combination of the two, and then some more…

My interests vary from Advertising, Technology, Usability, Marketing, Group Dynamics, Financial Markets, Supply Chain Mgt, Cross Media Promotion, the Media, Art, Writing and (even) Stone Sculpting. My excuse is that I’m trying to ‘develop a perspective’, which is a never ending process. If I don’t know about something, I ask a lot of questions: learning is a habit and curiosity doesn’t kill me. I have an opinion on most things and enjoy interacting, particularly with bloggers and writers.

I began blogging in Feb 2003 at this Brinkster site, my homepage until I shifted to this blog. This blog as an alternate URL – NixxiN.tk, and was registered in April 2002 because I wanted to block the address ‘mixedbag’, which was what I called my rather arty homepage back then. NixxiN, I’ve had to explain often, is the palindromic version of my nick – Nix. I learnt a lot about usability (and HTML and CSS) while designing the Brinkster site, which I still love to visit, just to look at the design I spent so much effort on. Someone help me export the posts from there, please.

I used to sculpt soapstone, but have switched to playing with words since Dec 1999, when I wrote my first short story; even ran a collaborative, creative online-magazine for a year and a half. Now I don’t want to do the regular run-of-the-mill writing, and am searching for a different style/structure to creative writing. I also enjoy satire, and tend to be allusive and satirical myself; sometimes sardonic, when it can’t be helped.

I’ve also developed in interest in music that I find quirky, and enjoy listening to bands like Nine Inch Nails, System of a Down, Monster Magnet, Marilyn Manson. I also like Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Collective Soul, Third Eye Blind, Garbage and this could go on forever. I enjoy going to concerts, and try not to miss any. I think I must have gone for over thirty concerts in 2005. Doing Delhi is an initiative to tap the word-of-mouth on events in Delhi. I do a lot of event blogging. I also like going for plays and screenings of movies not from the mainstream. Then I blog about them, lest I forget.

My current area of interest includes trendspotting, including – market segmentation in the social networking space, cross media promotions, development of minipreneurs in both the online and the offline space, the management of power (not the electricity kind)…there’s more. ūüôā

I don’t think I can write any more about myself or what interests me, but you may rest assured that there’s lots that interests me.


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