You know, what? I’m going to go read some Bukowski; It’s been ages. Shoo.

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  1. apropos of everything but this post, i left a thank you note on some previous entry on your blog … for your nice comments on my writing, but also for keeping the fls thing going at motif.
    one question: do you know what happened to trigguh hippee? her blog was so incredibly good…

  2. Thanks for the thanks. ūüôā

    Apropos the ‘keeping the fls thing going’, let’s see how long that lasts. Content maketh the site, but unfortunately no content maketh no site.

    I don’t think Trigguh blogs anymore. She’s in the Isles, doing her M.Phil. in some social sumfin. Been a while…Will tell you if I find out.


  3. hahahhahahahaha @ Trigguh Hippee’s ‘incredibly good’ blog. Like Triumph the insult comic dog would say “Incredibly good….FOR ME TO POOP ON!”

  4. how very pretentious. what a post? i am going to read bukwoski! hehe! and then add the wikipedia link, assuming your dumb readers have not heard of Bukwoski.

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