You know, what? I’m going to go read some Bukowski; It’s been ages. Shoo.

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  1. apropos of everything but this post, i left a thank you note on some previous entry on your blog … for your nice comments on my writing, but also for keeping the fls thing going at motif.
    one question: do you know what happened to trigguh hippee? her blog was so incredibly good…

  2. Thanks for the thanks. 🙂

    Apropos the ‘keeping the fls thing going’, let’s see how long that lasts. Content maketh the site, but unfortunately no content maketh no site.

    I don’t think Trigguh blogs anymore. She’s in the Isles, doing her M.Phil. in some social sumfin. Been a while…Will tell you if I find out.


  3. hahahhahahahaha @ Trigguh Hippee’s ‘incredibly good’ blog. Like Triumph the insult comic dog would say “Incredibly good….FOR ME TO POOP ON!”

  4. how very pretentious. what a post? i am going to read bukwoski! hehe! and then add the wikipedia link, assuming your dumb readers have not heard of Bukwoski.

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