SquirtJet Printers or LeakaLot pens?

Q. who would want to buy SquirtJet Printers or LeakaLot pens, etc.?


LeakaLot Pens:

1. FBI Agents/Spies
2. Pranksters (You need a pen? Sure! Or even Here’s your holi gift)
3. Government officials (ghapla hain. Or Jab pen nahi kaam kar raha toh hum sign kaise kare? Nahih nahih. Hum sirf apna pen use karte hain. Ab naye pen ke liye paise chahiye.)
4. Students who need a break (May I go and wash my hands, M’am?)
5. Me (according to her)
6. FCB Ulka – Naukri.com’s advertising agency (latest advertisement streams here. Needs Real Media Player)
7. Bargain hunting, one-time consumers on buses (dus ke bees pen)
8. Calligraphers trying to come up with an avant-garde style (the accidental genius)
9. Students who want to scribble on desks (more ink=permanence)
10. Notepad mfg companies might want to give it as a free gift (Damn, this leaking pen has spoilt notepad. I need a new one.)

Squirtjet Printers

1. Pranksters (yet again)
2. Government officials (and then a commission will be formed to investigate the procurement of Squirtjet Printers)
3. Printer retailers who have affiliated repair-centers will push the product
4. Artists looking to sell ‘Printer art’
5. Students (The printer messed up my assignment. May I mail you a soft-copy tomorrow?)
6. Kids (My printer can squirt farther (or more ink) than yours)

Hmm…clearly not in form. More questions, please. I need practice. ūüėÄ


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